Moving teams: Effective communication workshops for teams.

Workshops for your business to really communicate.

Dare to speak up without blah di blah and you will achieve a more united, faster and more competitive team.

Your goal: effective communication.

Get your team to speak, but for real.

Get rid of corporate mumbo-jumbo and communicate in the modern language based on familiarity and authenticity.

Grow, advance and differentiate yourself from the competition.

What can I help you with?

  • Communicate well.
  • Know how to move people.
  • Sell with serenity.
  • Adapt to videocalls.

Training 100% in English. (or Spanish). Face-to-face or online.

Direct, useful workshops, so that people learn, while having fun, how to communicate the best of themselves with different tools from the performing arts.

And you get useful and practical feedback.

Companies such as La Sirena, Grifols, Synergie, Attittute consulting, Badi, Talent Garden, among others, have already trusted in these trainings.

What communication workshops can you do?

From Zoom to Zoom


Oh, digitalization!

It has arrived overnight in all companies without our expecting it.

Although face-to-face meetings will return, hybrid events and Zoom videocalls are here to stay.

So, let’s practice communicating in front of the screen.

What does your team get out of this training?

  • Speak from authenticity with a screen in between.
  • Improve communication, not only in videoconferences.
  • Have a good postural awareness in front of the webcam.
  • Use your gaze to connect with the audience.
  • In this workshop we will use tools from the performing arts to stand out in videoconferences thanks to your hability to be more natural and selfconfident.

Turn the screen and the camera into your allies when you speak online.

Storytelling workshop

storytelling portada curso

Have you ever wondered why Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech is so fondly remembered?

Because it begins with a human story. A story that moves and connects with the audience.

And that’s what storytelling is all about: telling a story with which to empathize and get the audience’s attention.

But you have to tell that story without «sell a pup»

What does your team achieve in this workshop?

  • Telling stories that move.
  • Learn to empathize and connect with the audience.
  • Order the ideas of the speech.
  • Use storytelling to lead to the sale in a «stealth» way.

I won’t promise to turn your team into the next Steve Jobs, but with this workshop you will learn techniques to get stories that engage.

Is there anything more addictive than a good story? Turn the screen and the camera into your allies when you speak online.

Communication and selling calmly.

portada taller venta y comunicación

Forcing a sale is noticeable in your look and posture.

Human and natural sells more and not getting ahead of ourselves is important.

What does your team get out of this workshop?

  • Manage the tone of voice.
  • Work on patience and body awareness.
  • Connect better with potential customers.

A training designed to improve active listening and show coherence between what we say, our tone and non-verbal language.

If you communicate, you move… and you sell.

Public speaking and stand up training

portada taller venta y comunicación

Laughter is contagious, laughter connects and thanks to laughter we can empathize.

Shying away from a sense of humor in corporate talks is a very common and still quite frequent mistake.

What does your team get out of this workshop?

  • To talk, but for real.
  • Use humor to communicate, with good taste and common sense.
  • Knowing when to use humor in favor of the speech.
  • Communicate with a friendly language.

Using techniques from the world of stand up comedy, your team will remember how satisfying it is to amuse others.

Video teaser: A workshop with Demium Startups

Tailor-made communication workshops for your team

A pinch of this, a handful of that… we all have a recipe to achieve our goals.

So if you want a tailor-made workshop to achieve them, just ask me and we’ll organize it.

It’s like a tailor-made suit, but in communication.

Fill in the form or if you prefer to talk to me directly, find a space in our agendas.

How can I help?